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Garry Davis:

Son of Meyer-Davis

Renounces His U.S. Citizenship in Paris

New York Times
27. May 1948

The beginning of the 1948er World Citizen Movement

Newspaper report about World Citizen Garry Davis

and his quest for world peace and human rights enforcement

Printed October 23, 2005 in The Burlington Free Press

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Julian Assange and Edward Snowden
got World Citizen Passports:

World View

published in The Riverfront Times, St. Louis, at 18 th of March 1992

About globalization crisis and World Citizenship based on an interview with Stephen Mögle-Stadel during his speakers tour in the USA after his refusel of german military service and his UN internship.

The Washington Square News, New York City, 1992

Young Citizens of the World demonstrate for environmental
world laws during the Preparation Conference in New York
for the UN World Summit in Rio.

press photo of a TV-Interview with Garry
Sol Davis and Stephan Mögle-Stadel

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This will be later on
a part of the TV-Film-Production (docu) of onefilms about Garry Davis and the history the world citizens movement

Globalisation has forced narrow agendas: Ustinov

published in THE HINDU at 13 th of November 1998

Newspaper article about a World Citzens and World Federalists Congress in India, where Sir Peter Ustinov as President of WFM gave the keynote speech.

Former US-Congress man John Anderson newly elected President of World Federalist Association and Sir Peter Ustinov President of WFM-International

World Citizen Foundation NYC starts 2003
a champaign for a new democracy in Iraq

Below and on the right you will find quotations of WCF and its president Troy Davis in some main newspapers like Guardian and Asia Times (Times of Asia).

President of World Citizen Foundation visit Tokyo
for talks with governmental officials: